Project Management for Sustainability and SMART Manufacturing

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Course Objectives:

1. The tools and best practices of project manager
2. The project management process and lifecycle
3. Organizational theories and leadership styles
4. Increasing one’s credibility and effectiveness in leading projects
5. Agile management
6. Business analysis in a manufacturing environment

Course Content:

This course is an overview of essentials in project management philosophies. This 3-day course covers the fundamentals of project management. This also focusses on manufacturing sector with a keener view on sustainability. The learners will have a good understanding of how to use the modern project management concepts, such as traditional project management, Agile project management and also business analysis in a VUCA environment.

Minimum Entry Requirement:

Diploma holders aged between 24 to 60 years old.

Project Management for Sustainability and SMART Manufacturing

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022

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