Industry 4.0 Vertical Integration from Shop-floor to Top-floor

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Course Objectives:

The course provides participants with understanding of technology that enables connectivity and industrial integration in such varied use-cases today such condition monitoring, manufacturing process monitoring and predictive monitoring, all of which rely on the ability to integrate data from the Shop-floor to a higher level – the Top-floor. Participants get hands-on experience in using edge gateways such as the SIG200 IO-Link Master and TDC-E with the use of practical exercises to learn about Vertical Integration. They will focus on a practical use-case of Overall Equipment Effectiveness in their learning of the Vertical Integration technologies so as to bring a practical and realistic value to their knowledge. Participants will be equipped with skills to navigate these technologies in that and other use-cases and application when they come across them in their industries.

Course Content: 

Through this course, participants will gain a better understanding of the technologies and protocols involved in connected smart factories setup, starting from the field device at Shop-floor level, such as IO-Link, to the technologies of edge gateways such REST API and MQTT that bring data to the Top-floor. The participants will be able gain holistic understanding of Industry 4.0 and Vertical Integration connectivity by practise the knowledge gained in real Industry 4.0 application of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Minimum Entry Requirement:

Some experience in manufacturing automation

Industry 4.0 Vertical Integration from Shop-floor to Top-floor

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022

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