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As the event embarking a hybrid edition this year, we are bringing you on a face-to-face engagement tour on 22 October, to locations around Singapore that exemplify some of the best industrial transformation showcases and deployment concepts for Industry 4.0.

The key objective is to enable interaction and opportunity for attendees to have deeper learning and knowledge transfer via

  • - Physical tour of innovation centre
  • - User workshops
  • - Hand-on demonstration
  • - Live panel discussion and Q&A session.

Thursday, 22 Oct 2020
10.00 AM – 4.00 PM GMT+8 here


Tour A

  • Schneider Electric Innovation Hub
  • Singapore Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Learning Journey (AMLJ)

Tour B

  • Hexagon
  • Siemen Advance Manufacturing Transformation Centre (AMTC)
*Limited space available. First-come, first-serve basis.
*Only open to attendees residing in Singapore
*Live streaming is available at ITAP CONNECTED platform, cater for attendees from overseas


Schneider Electric Innovation Hub

Experience our Schneider Electric’s IIoT technologies in the innovation hub to learn about integrated software which are ready for smart manufacturing to increase your profitability and productivity.

Key Station Highlights:

  • EcoStruxure™ Machine
    • EcoStruxure Machine Advisor - the new digital cloud-based services platform. It enables machine builders to provide new services to machine operators for each installed machine in any production site worldwide.
    • EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA) - custom application that puts real-time information at your fingertips, whenever and wherever it is needed. You get immediate access in the field to instant data diagnosis, user manuals, instructions, diagrams etc. This helps to improve operational efficiency with augmented reality, enabling operators to superimpose the current data & virtual objects onto a machine, or plant.
      • - Improve operations & maintenance efficiency
      • - Reduce operations & maintenance time & cost
      • - Reduce operator errors during maintenance activity
      • - Better support and easier information delivering
  • EcoStruxure Plant
    • EcoStruxure Maintenace Advisor - an IIoT platform for Condition Based Maintenance and decision support, enabling profitable operations. The solution allows the user to monitor asset health in real-time to provide early warning on impending failure and provide actionable alerts. It also provides recommended corrective action to support smart operational and maintenance decisions.In addition, the embedded workflow and ERP integration supports proactive action on decisions from anywhere.
      • - Improved Reliability - Prevention of up to 1.5% impaired availability
      • - Improved Efficiency - Saving of up to 30% of maintenance effort
      • - Improved Safety - Reduced HSE risk
  • AVEVA Discrete Lean Management
    • AVEVA Discrete Lean Management is a commercial off the shelf software that improves discrete manufacturing productivity through a set of ready to use digital tools for Lean management and to replace time-consuming paperwork used for work management and data collection.
      • - Improved operational effectiveness by measuring, visualizing and analyzing your manufacturing performance with proven lean management practices and KPIs for both manual and automated production lines
      • - Empowered production teams to quickly respond to production issues and reduce production losses with near real time visibility into production events and KPIs on dashboards and mobile devices.
      • - Reduced human error and replace paper prints with centralized and orchestrated access to work order information and always up to date digital work instructions.


Singapore Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Learning Journey

The Advanced Manufacturing Learning Journey helps enterprises understand key principles, concepts and technologies under industry 4.0 and explore opportunities to start, scale-up and successfully sustain the digital transformation. Th learning journey comprises of 3 zones and each zone’s learning objectives are specifically crafted to provide the best mind=opening experience for enterprise.

Key Station Highlights:

  • Smart Zone
    Achieve true “Smart” manufacturing through flexibility, real-time communication, AI and decision support system
  • Integrated Zone
    Integrated digitalised manufacturing processes across value chain, 5-layer automation pyramid and product life-cycle through the use of technologies
  • Digitalisation Zone
    Digitise manual manufacturing process with i4.0 technology and extract valuable information by connecting machines and equipment


The AMTC is the first of its kind competence centre that provides guidance, support and training to manufacturing facilities in ASEAN on their journey of adoption, transition and transformation towards advance manufacturing. It enables companies to create digital twin models of envisioned advance manufacturing plants; and also helps simulate, optimize and evaluate manufacturing operations before constructing the actual manufacturing facility.

Key Station Highlights:

  • Digital twin and generative CAD design
  • Varied 3D printer technologies
  • Advance manufacturing technologies on show


  • Advance Manufacturing experience and digital twin experience (AR/VR)
  • Exposure to range of industrial 3D printers, AGV


Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s metrology hardware captures quality data for measurement, positioning and inspection. It is the key bridge between the real and virtual worlds, bringing real-world data into the digital domain. Our technology is helping manufacturers to pioneer mechanisms for utilising this data more effectively – using it to inform design and engineering processes and provide feedback to the production process. Our measurement-assisted production technology is best-in-class, and we continue to innovate towards more real-time feedback loop applications.

Hexagon has a proud heritage in metrology, delivering accuracy and precision from the quality room to the shop-floor. Our research and development team is committed to developing new measurement hardware across a technology portfolio encompassing hand tools, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), portable measuring arms, laser trackers and 3D optical scanners, as well as metrology software and statistical process control (SPC) solutions. We are driving quality inspection technology trends: from contact to non-contact; from offline to integrated; from manual to automated. And, by using our metrology hardware and software solutions in parallel with manufacturing information technologies from the wider product lifecycle, we are driving new definitions of metrology and the quality department, and developing processes where quality drives productivity.

Key Station Highlights:

  • Smarter Design - Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Simulation Software for Design Validation
  • Smarter Reverse Engineering - from 3D scan to manufacturing
  • HxGN SFx Asset Management – an I4.0 ready solution
  • Q-DAS - Real-time monitoring & quality statistical analysis of QA assets


  • Advance Manufacturing experience and digital twin experience (AR/VR)
  • Exposure to range of industrial 3D printers, AGV