We are aware that some of you may have received unsolicited emails or text messages from unknown third parties or impersonators from time to time. These phishing emails and text messages will usually include false information or claims to trick you into providing personal data, financial information and/or purchasing products and services (e.g., database).

How you can assess the legitimacy of our calls, email & text messages

All official emails from us will be sent from addresses ending with "" We do not initiate automated voice calls, and we primarily communicate in English.  We will never at any time send any emails or call you to request that you divulge your personal data or financial information. 

Phishing Advisory

Some of the phishing emails appear to be phishing attacks, in which someone attempts to obtain personal or confidential information such as your passwords, credit card, and bank account details, and other sensitive information. These can be in the form of an official-looking email, website popup, text message, or phone call.

SingEx does NOT provide any participant database to such marketing companies or data brokers.  SingEx will only process your personal data or business contact information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

How to Avoid Phishing Attacks

As part of our commitment to protect our customers, here are some general tips to help you spot a phishing email and protect yourself against a phishing attempt:

  1. Beware of email or websites asking you to click or reply to provide a confirmation or personal, financial, or other sensitive information. A phishing email tends to address you generally as "Dear Sir/Madam". It tends to urge you to act quickly or with threats. Do not give out your personal information or login details to other individuals.
  2. Beware also of popups. Do not click on hyperlinks, download files, or open attachments unless you are sure that the source is legitimate.
  3. Be alert and always verify the details in messages from SingEx/ITAP.
  4. Always type in the URL of SingEx/ITAP websites directly into the address bar of your browser.
  5. Use the latest versions of internet browsers available, which may provide advanced security features such as anti-phishing and forged website identification.
  6. Look out for any security warnings displayed by web browsers and any security software. If there is a security warning, it is best to follow it.

If you receive a call, email, or text message checking your interest to acquire ITAP's database or requesting for your personal information, please do not respond. We urge you to forward the email or report to immediately.