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22-24 NOVEMBER 2021

In an ever-changing and challenging landscape, manufacturers are in urgent need of Industry 4.0 solutions to help future-proof and build a resilient business. Into its 4th edition, the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC – a HANNOVER MESSE event is an essential milestone for businesses to build a good core of talent and tech capabilities and, more importantly, to sustain these efforts with evolving customer needs.

With ‘Stepping Up Capabilities with Industry 4.0’ as the driving theme, the event will draw attention to two threads: People and Technology. Drawing inspiration from our pioneers, the event will be focusing on thought leaders for inspiration while preparing the future workforce by equipping them with the right skillsets and talent for I4.0 adoption. Second, it will spotlight enabling technologies such as 5G, AI, AR/VR, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Machine Learning to cater for the Future of Manufacturing.

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC will showcase actionable Industry 4.0 solutions to inspire and deepen understanding among attendees and help businesses at varying stages of adoption to START, SCALE and SUSTAIN their Industry 4.0 transformation journey. 

What makes us different?

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC returns with the 4th edition in a true hybrid format that integrates physical and digital spaces to maximize regional outreach and catalyze engagement.

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