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31 Mar 2019

Schaeffler wants to standardize digitized data transfer in the development of gear systems with an interface standard. As the basis for simple generation of digital twins, the new standard should reduce development times significantly.

Kai Tubbesing

REXS (Reusable Engineering EXchange Standard) is the name of the interface with which the automobile industry supplier Schaeffler intends to create a unified standard for digital company-wide and cross-systemdata exchange in gear manufacturing . Until now, gear, roller bearing and linkage specialists have each used their own software with specific focal points. This makes it difficult to combine their respective 3D models efficiently to create a digital twin consisting of several component groups.

As a standard interface, REXS should accelerate the digital exchange of data and it is already part ofFVA-Workbench (from version 5.0), of Schaeffler’s Tool Bearings roller bearing calculation program and the WESILAB gear calculation program from SEW-EURODRIVE , as well as several CAE tools. They all allow REXS files to be generated at the click of a mouse. Among other things, this speeds up digital gear simulation in the context of product development and reduces the work involved in linking 3D models from various sources.