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12 Nov 2018

The Motion Terminal from FESTO is the world's first pneumatic automation platform controlled using an app. Its motion apps can coordinate up to 50 different movement and control functions using just one type of valve.

Humans have always sensed that air is much more than what we breathe. They started channeling its force the first time they ever hoisted a sail. Over the millennia, we have learned to harness this power in a vast array of technical solutions. Many fall under the category of "pneumatics" - using compressed air to power mechanical work in the fields of science and technology. Pneumatics are widely regarded as pretty straightforward, as technology goes. Even so, the developers at FESTO have been working flat out to make its applications even more user-friendly, diverse and flexible - with their new brainchild, the FESTO Motion Terminal VTEM. The idea is to propel pneumatics into the era of Industry 4.0. by using motion apps to control one piece of hardware that can replace more than 50 individual components.

From design tasks to modernizing machinery - the FESTO Motion Terminal has the potential to deliver advantages across the entire value creation chain. Its beauty lies in its simplicity - switching pneumatic functions via an app without having to change the hardware. From simple directional control valve functions to complex motion tasks, this solution allows users to standardize all applications while offering, as the company says, unparalleled levels of flexibility.

FESTO AG & Co. KG (73734 Esslingen, Germany)