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09 Jun 2019

Although by international standards German plant construction is still too often based on traditional, technology-oriented business models, in many other areas plant manufacturers are well equipped for the future.

Kai Tubbesing

Large-scale plant construction in Germany must rethink its business models to better meet customer requirements in the future and remain competitive. This is a central demand resulting from the joint study conducted by the VDMA‘ s large-scale plant manufacturers’ group (AGAB) and the consulting company PwC. According to the study, the market needs to move away from the previous, technology-focused business models and toward an offering characterized by digital and data-driven services.

In other areas, nevertheless, the study considers German large-scale plant construction as a global leader, for example in cybersecurity or virtual reality (VR): 94% of plant manufacturers  already see VR as the essential basis of future success. The study, which can be viewed free of charge  and sees itself as a guideline for successful digitization, identifies a total of 18 key factors for successful transformation, including the development of intelligent logistics concepts and cooperation with value chain partners.