The Market and Sector Leaders Forum is designed to provide attendees with insights and focused perspectives on issues, challenges and potential opportunities specific to selected markets and industry sectors. Featuring speakers from selected markets and sectors, the presentations and panel discussions at each forum aims to enable deeper and more contextual conversations among ecosystem players. Join us to hear he sharing form our experts in the Electrical & Electronics, FMCG, F&B, Pharmaceutical & MedTech, Precision Manufacturing, Semiconductor industry and more.

Featured Session: Scaling Southeast Asia’s Industry 4.0 Transformation
In collaboration with Enterprise Singapore, the features session under the Market and Sector Leaders Forum brings an exciting series of discussions by our panel of industry leaders and experts, manufacturers and solution providers from across Southeast Asia. Hear about how you can tackle new challenges in the supply chain, evaluate the demand for I4.0 solutions, and exchange practical insights that can help as you embark on your I4.0 transformation journey. Join the two breakout sessions helmed by experienced Singapore I4.0 technology providers focusing on Food Manufacturing and Precision Engineering. Hear how they have helped manufacturers adopt their solutions to achieve higher growth in performance and revenue.


Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020 to Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020



13:00 - 14:00 Pharma & Medtech Sectors

1.00 - 1.20pm
Next Generation Industry


  • Vicki Pearson, Global Solutions Architect, Consumer Packaged Goods, Schneider Electric, UK
  • Gareth Alford, Lead Engineer, PCP Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group, GSK, UK

Next generation industries are agile, data driven, resilient and sustainable. To evolve towards this, it is time to accelerate industries’ adoption of technologies so that companies can gain an advantage in navigating the storm and be positioned to be profitable.

1.20 - 2.00pm
Readying for a Sustained Comeback in the Pharma & MedTech Sectors - What Should be the Key Priorities?

COVID-19 has severely impacted numerous industry sectors but some like the Pharma and MedTech sectors have managed to fare better so far. But with changing demand behaviours and needs due to the pandemic, disruptions to production, workforce operations, supply chains and distribution, Pharma and Medtech sector leaders need to contend with issues concerning performance, business resilience and partner networks. This panel will consider the challenges facing sector stakeholders from around the region i.e. what do they see as priorities in the face of uncertainties and emerging opportunities, how their organisations can build resilience, develop capabilities and agility with Industry 4.0 and digital technologies to thrive in the new normal, with possible reference to examples of projects in the field.


  • Marco Steinkamp, Sales Director Europe, Middle East, Asia, Movilitas Consulting GmbH
  • Hajime Sugiyama, Industrial IoT Evangelist, Mitsubishi Electric Coropration, Japan

Moderator: Neo Kah Yean, Senior VP, Commercialisation Division (Biomedical Sciences), A*ccelerate - Agency for Science, Technology, and Research

14:30 - 15:30 FMCG Sector

2.30 - 2.50pm
From Recovery to Readiness for the Next Normal

Speaker: Ramin Shariatmadari, Head of Industries & Head of Value Engineering, SAP APJ

The FMCG sector as a market has weathered the COVID-19 situation relatively well but manufacturers and other stakeholders in the sector have faced supply chain disruptions, operational challenges due to workplace safety restrictions, workforce movement constraints and logistical issues. Such challenges however indicate ways in which FMCG businesses could adopt Industry 4.0 and develop capabilities that can help them become more resilient and agile in response to uncertainties and market shifts. This keynote will highlight ways in which Industry 4.0 technologies e.g. data-driven solutions & automation can help businesses maintain performance, improve resource utilisation and production quality, execute processes more efficiently & provide insights for planning and innovation.

2.50 - 3.30pm
Readying for a Sustained Comeback in the FMCG Sector - How Should Business Align Priorities with Opportunities?

COVID-19 has severely impacted numerous industry sectors but some like the FMCG sector have managed to perform relatively well. Nonetheless, with consumer behaviours and needs changing due to the pandemic, disruptions to production, operations, supply chains and distribution, FMCG sector leaders face new challenges that may be on top of pre-COVID issues with performance, efficiency and business resilience. As such, FMCG sector businesses should look to secure a solid baseline to become more resilient and thus better position themselves for emerging opportunities. This panel session will address what FMCG businesses’ priorities should be against current uncertainties and how they could adopt and build on Industry 4.0 capabilities, with reference to case studies and examples of those businesses that have done so and how this enables them to plan and thrive in the ‘new normal’.


  • Lee Chong Leong, International Account Manager, Consumer Packaged Goods, Schneider Electric
  • Adhi S. Lukman, Chairman, The Indonesian Food & Beverage Association (GAPMMI)

Moderator: Stewart Coleman, Industrial Business Director - Industry 4.0, BECA

09:30 - 12:00 Scaling Southeast Asia’s Industry 4.0 Transformation

0930 - 0935
by Tan Si Qian, Development Partner, Southeast Asia, Enterprise Singapore

0935 - 0940
Opening Remark
by Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Singapore

0940 - 1015
Plenary Panel 1:
SEA Manufacturers in Transformation: Initiatives, Challenges, and Outlook amidst Uncertain Times

A moderated panel discussion with selected SEA manufacturers on their initiatives, experiences, insights, challenges and future Industry 4.0 plans in the changing business environment.

Moderator: Glen Tan, Group Managing Partner, FT Consulting


  • Mr. Wahyu Widodo, General Manager, PT Indolakto, Indonesia
  • Mr. Gary Gan, Managing Director, Hexa Food, Malaysia
  • Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tam, COO, Fitek Vina, Vietnam
  • Mr. Wuttichai Suwansawan, General Manager, ASI Precision, Thailand

Transiting to Panel 2

1020 - 1055
Plenary Panel 2:
The Singapore Experience: A scalable and cost-effective approach to I4.0 Adoption

Sharing from Singapore manufacturers at different stages of Industry 4.0 adoption about their experiences, approach and best practices.

Moderator: Simon Lim, Executive Director, Manufacturing & Engineering, Enterprise Singapore


  • Mr. Kenneth Lim, CEO, Lingjack
  • Mr. Kwan Li Feng, Enterprise Development Manager, CKE Manufacturing
  • Ms. Joyce Seow, Executive Director, Watson EP
  • Mr. David Chai, Centre Director, Food Innovation & Resource Centre

1055 - 1105
Transferring to Break-out Sessions

1105 - 1130
Concurrent Break-out Discussions

Break-out 1: Food Manufacturing

Host: Khairul Anwar, Regional Group Director,
Southeast Asia, Enterprise Singapore

Solutions Presented by:

  • Willson Deng, Founder & CEO, Arcstone
  • Lim Chee-Kean, CEO, Ascent Solutions
  • Samuel Tan, Co-Founder & CEO, Auk Industries
  • Gopal Bhandari, Co-founder & Director, Clearpack

Moderated Q&A

Break-out 2: Precision Engineering

Host: Wu Hongyi, Deputy Director, Southeast Asia, Enterprise Singapore

Solutions Presented by:

  • Mun Koh Woh, Founder & Managing Director of ASTech and Chairman of Smart i4.0 Transformation Alliance (SiTA)
  • GK Tay, General Manager, ISDN Software
  • Premarajan P, Founder & Managing Director, Pixel Automation
  • Louis Lee, Co-founder, Viatick

Moderated Q&A

1130 - 1155
Moderated Q&A

1155 - 1200
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12:00 - 13:00 Malaysia Market Focus Session

12.00 - 12.20pm
Keynote:Questioning the Future of Work: The View from Malaysia
Keynote speaker: Datuk Wira Dr Hj. Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff, Chairman of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

12.20 - 1.00pm
Fireside Chat:The Worker's Dilemma - What Does Staying Relevant Mean?

This fireside chat will examine if Malaysian workers, whether corporate or otherwise, can remain relevant in tomorrow's workforce if there is no continuous upskilling. As Industry 4.0 adoption gains momentum, the competency of workers to adapt & move with the times has become an urgent issue that is also relevant for workers beyond Malaysia.

Fireside Chat Speakers:
Datuk Wira Dr Hj. Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff, Chairman of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Datuk Michael Kang, President of SME Association of M'sia

Moderated by:
Sheila Singam, Founder, Human Equation

13:00 - 14:00 Semicon and Electronics & Electrical Manufacturing Sectors

Readying for a Sustained Comeback in the Semicon and Electronics & Electrical Manufacturing Sectors - What Are the Key Priorities?

COVID-19 had severely impacted numerous industries including the Semicon and Electrical and Electronics sectors, with wide-ranging effects seen in workforce shortages, supply chain and logistical disruptions that affected demand fulfilment. While industry players may have adjusted to the immediate challenges, these issues highlighted areas that deserve attention even as operating conditions improve and recover. How do industry stakeholders view their priorities going forward i.e. where are organisations now in their state of resilience? How do they plan to approach solutions such as Industry 4.0 technologies to better manage their operations and production processes? This forum will look at more specific examples of how Industry 4.0 capabilities can help manufacturers e.g. through capture of digital data for better insights, deploy process automation solutions and other measures to improve resilience and agility to adapt to fluctuating market demand. This panel will consider what should be key priorities for industry stakeholders in the face of uncertainties, emerging opportunities, with examples of what some organisations have done.


  • Tetsuo Kobayashi, Director, Business Development Group, Azbil Advanced Automation, Japan
  • Calvin Ong, Solution Lead, Delta Electronics Int'l (Singapore)
  • Matt Chan, SAP Industry 4.0 GTM Lead, Asia Pacific Japan
  • Mr Lee Peng Sian (Honourary Secretary), Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM)
  • Dr Danilo Lachica, President, Semiconductors & Electronics Industries in the Philippines Foundation (SEIPI)
  • Saj Kumar, Regional Business Lead for Manufacturing, Microsoft Asia

Moderator: Rakesh Jaiswal, Director in Enterprise Division, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore