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Our curated off and on-site activities and programs are designed to take you on a transformational journey. We address your needs and interests, while increasing your opportunity for engagement. Through these experiences, we strive to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the latest trends and developments in your targeted industries and markets.


Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the I4.0 industry, as well as learning opportunities from industry leaders.

industrial Innovation stage

A platform to witness and harness new collaborations. Get inspired, share ideas, and map your next transformation plan to reshape the manufacturing industry.

I4.0 Tech capsule

Get bite-size learnings of the latest technology trends (Power Solutions) and exclusive product launches (Glimpse into the New) in the region.

Experience zones

Concept spaces designed to witness innovative products and solutions and interact with live demonstrations

Product showcases

Watch innovative product demonstrations come to live and experience how it can help you overcome your business challenges.

on-site guided tour

Get clear and concise demonstrations on relevant topics through our curated and tailored guided tours addressing industry verticals and needs.

off-site tours

Get on our curated tours to notable innovation centres and advanced factories in Singapore to explore and discover new possibilities / technologies. 

1-1 business matching

Based on targeted business profiles to enhance prospects for forging valuable connections via the event app.

international connect lounge

Drive engagement between local and regional delegates, opening new business opportunities for local companies.

key stakeholder strategic meetings

Key stakeholders and decision makers convene to discuss important and strategic issues to review and make future plans.

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