Surviving the Great Disruption: How Manufacturers are Facing the Storm

Disruptions caused by the current pandemic have forced many businesses across manufacturing to confront unprecedented challenges and stark choices. How are companies responding? What shifts and trade-offs are they dealing with? How are they pivoting to new business opportunities even in this difficult time? Now, more than ever, is there an urgent need to fully embrace 14.0 solutions and what does it take? Is there an opportunity for new forms of collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers? Who are the likely survivors in the long run?

Join us online for an interactive engagement that includes 2 options for deeper break-out discussions:

4.00 PM – 4.40 PM CONNECT with our speakers
Learn from the industry veterans who will share their perspectives and insights to help make sense of these challenging times
4.40 PM – 5.30 PM Engage and COLLABORATE with peers
Join in an authentic conversation with the industry leads in one of these close-up sessions!
  • Break-out Room #1:
    Agility & What It Takes to Pivot Manufacturing Production – Insights from Johnson & Johnson
  • Break-out Room #2:
    Survival Lessons from Past Crises & Steps SMEs Can Take Now – Insights from O.E. Manufacturing
Surviving the Great Disruption: How Manufacturers are Facing the Storm

Wednesday, 20 May 2020
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM GMT+8 (Singapore Time)
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