Learning Lab

Showcase:   SESTO Robotics Automated Guided Vehicle

SESTO Robotics' suite of solutions are centered upon the SESTO Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Intelligent Mobile Robotics (IMRs), which are designed to automate traditionally labor-intensive material handling processes. Covering tasks such as transporting work-in-progress materials between work stations to movement of bulk materials in warehouses, SESTO AGVs and IMRs have been adopted by industry leaders in the field of semiconductor manufacturing and warehousing.

  • Smart-SESTO AGVs are compatible with existing manufacturing systems, allowing users to track material handling processes accurately
  • Flexible - SESTO AGVs are guided by laser-based navigation systems and do not require infrastructure modifications, allowing for easier process reorganisation.
  • Efficient - SESTO AGVs are capable of running 24/7 with auto-docking capabilities when power runs low, hence ensuring maximum operation efficiency

Showcase:   1) Autonomous Pallet Truck 2) Autonomous Stacker

100% electric and fully autonomous, STROBO Logistics Automation Solutions are safe and efficient, ideal for routine, repetitive material handling tasks. Incorporating LIDAR SLAM technology for dynamic path planning, warehouse aisle navigation, and obstacle detection and avoidance, they communicate through the wireless network (Wi-Fi / 4G) to interface with the Robotics Management System for remote operation. With advanced pallet detection and recognition capability, STROBO can accurately pick and place pallets. Easily integrated into existing operations, STROBO allows warehouse and logistics operations to work reliably around the clock.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations
  • Fork Collision Detection
  • Centrally managed through Robotics Management System and interfaces with Warehouse Management System for seamless operation

Showcase:   Automated Packaging Machine

Ideal for bagging applications in low- to mid-volume productions, the Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Automatic Bagger can operate at speeds up to 25 bags per minute. This all-electric system do not require any compressed air to run. Poly bags are automatically indexed, loaded by hand, then sealed using the Push-to-Seal™ automated sealer function, a standard footswitch, or via automatic cycle control. The PS 125 can be customised with a built-in imprinter to print high resolution graphics, text and barcodes on the bag (PS 125 OneStep). PS 125 OneStep eliminates the need for a separate labelling operation.

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease Labour Cost and need for separate operation
  • Increase free space in warehouse

Showcase:   Konica Minolta Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR)

Konica Minolta mobile industrial robots (MIR) enable business to drive growth by doing the repeatable tasks or heavier workload. It optimizes workflows, freeing up staff resources and allowing you to increase productivity while reducing costs. The robot will be able to "identify" its drive area and import up to 20 drawings of the building layout. Built in sensors and cameras enable the Mobile Robot to be used for collaborative operations; keeping it running safety in an environment with people as it automatically stops and navigates around obstacles.

  • Companies will be able to increase productivity while reducing costs.
  • Mobile Robot to be used for collaborative operations; keeping it running safety in an environment with people.
  • Employer can leverage on the mobile industrial robots and redeployed its staff to focus on work that requires human judgement or creativity.

Showcase:   Articulated 6 Axis Robot

Hiwin robots able to come complete with a control system, software, teach pendant, adapter plate and electric gripper. The 6-axis jointed-arm robot boasts maximum flexibility and high repeat accuracy. These robots consist of six rotary axis with absolute encoders. This allows for unlimited orientations and point combinations while maintains up to 20µmÐepeatability. It is used when require complex motions, faster cycle time, high repeatability. Applications include pick-and-place, part handling, assembly, inspection, scanning, etc.

  • Ability of ease integration to optimize the production utilisation
  • High performance resulting in improvement of productivity and reliability
  • Able to reduce total manufacturing cost over time.

Showcase:   Vision Embedded 6 Axis Collaborative Robot

World first collaborative robot with built-in vision TM robot is equipped with a built-in vision system, which integrates into both the hardware and software perfectly, whereas traditional add-on vision solutions to robotics are complicated, time consuming and costly to implement No more coding! You can implement your automation task with revolutionary simple to use user interface, an all-graphic flow chart based HMI Combining the smart vision system and the hand-guiding functions, everyone, even those without robotic programming experience can achieve a visual pick & place task within 5 minutes.

  • TM robot is easy to use and deploy
  • It is much easier to automate processes with vision
  • TM Cobot offers flexibility during implementation

Showcase:   Robolink Arm

  • Low cost robolink arm
  • Using igus patent Tribo-polymer plastic gears achieving lubrication free for all joints
  • Easy and simple maintenances
  • Applicable in continuous splashing water application
  • Low cost robotic arm
  • No lubrication polymer bearing
  • Easy maintenance and compact design

Showcase:   CP Factory (Cyber-Physical Factory)


The term “Industry 4.0” represents the fundamental change occurring in the world of production. Modern information and communication technologies are merging with traditional industrial processes to form “cyber-physical systems, redefining numerous areas of production. The Festo Cyber-Physical (CP) Factory reflects this new production paradigm by illustrating the practical implementation of a smart factory. It is a comprehensive, modular and expandable Industry 4.0 factory model which can represent the entire value chain. Training areas such as assembly line, logistics, productions, production planning and control/ MES (Manufacturing Execution System), lean production and quality assurance can be represented in didactic terms.

  • The holistic approach of Industry 4.0 implementation with the integration of operational technologies and information technologies
  • The concept of modularity and flexibility in the production of configuration, enabling the possibility of Lot Size 1 production at the cost of mass production
  • How to use digital technology platforms to enhance the productivity and management of manufacturing processes with Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Augmented Reality (AR), simulation software, OPC-UA, RFID, etc.

Showcase:   Robotic Palletizer

  • Versatile Palletizing system using Collaborative Robot
  • Suitable to implement in tight space
  • Robot very safe to work along side people
  • Flexible to relocate at site
  • Possibility for upgrades like vision/camera system for smart operations
  • Easy implementation of Palletizing of cases and bags
  • Applications for other Pick and Place jobs
  • Safe to work along side people in tight space

Showcase:   Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots, the market leader in collaborative robots, are ideal for applicationd across industries that require six-axis capabilities where size, safety and costs are critical. Weighing 18 kg, UR5 & UR5e has lifting capacity of 5 kg and working radius of 850 mm. UR10 & UR10e, with a payload of 10 kg and reach of 1,300 mm is just as flexible and easy to fit into processes. UR3 & UR3e weighs 11 kg with a 3 kg payload. Featuring 360-degree rotation on all wrist jonts and infinite rotation on the end joint. UR3 is the most flexible, lightweight table-top robot to work alongside operators today.

  • Easy Programming
  • Collaborative & Safe
  • Fast Set Up