Online and offline activities and programmes for targeted audience groups defined according to levels of understanding and adoption of Industrial Industry 4.0.


Using on and off-line approaches, Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC incorporates an array of activities and programmes for targeted audience groups across multiple industry sectors and markets defined according to their levels of understanding and adoption.

The “Showcase”

An exhibition and demonstration of the applications of Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions.

The “Learning Lab”

An engaging demonstration area curated to showcase the applications of innovative ready-to-market products and solutions around the themes of Industrial Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Digital Factory and Smart Logistics.

The “Knowledge Exchange” Platform

Closing the knowledge gap with multiple conference tracks covering business and leadership insights, technical and technology applications, case studies, panel discussions and practical approaches for Industry 4.0.

The “Learning Journeys”

Customised and curated journeys offering immersive experiences for attendees to better understand the value and benefits of Industry 4.0.

“The Sandbox”

Presentations driven by communities; driving conversations and debates addressing challenge statements and practical solutions for the progressive adoption of Industry 4.0.

The “Networking Platforms”

At hosted receptions or during the lunch breaks, engage with your fellow peers and potential customers/partners.

The “Startup Forum”

Forging links between young enterprises and potential investors, customers and partners.

The “Interchange”

Underscoring the integral role that the community plays in today’s digital and global world, The Interchange is a digital community platform to bring different industry players and communities onto a common space, in order to address challenges or problem statements together as part of an expanded ecosystem.

“Technical Tours”

To innovation centres in Singapore for attendees and conference delegates to get a first-hand experience of innovation in practice.

Wherever you are, whatever your interest, there is something for you. We invite you to participate in this journey; to stay ahead and remain competitive for long term sustainable growth.

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