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Co-organised by A*STAR and Constellar, the Future of Manufacturing (FOM) CXO Summit is attended by global thought leaders from various industry sectors and feature insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and roundtables. Key topics revolve around technology trends and industry shifts that are shaping the future of manufacturing. This year’s event highlights advanced manufacturing technologies for a smarter, greener and more connected future.

Participation in the FOM CXO Summit and Roundtables is by invitation only.

Future of Manufacturing CXO Summit and Roundtables

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13:00 - 13:30


13:30 - 13:40

Welcome Remarks

13:40 - 14:00

Keynote Speech

“From Factory to Future: Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Smart, Green, and Connectivity Innovations”

Join us for an inspiring keynote presentation by an industry thought leader that delves into the exciting world of modern manufacturing. In this thought-provoking session, we will explore the journey from traditional factory practices to a dynamic future empowered by cutting-edge advancements. Discover how smart technologies, sustainable strategies, and seamless connectivity, championed by this expert, are reshaping the manufacturing landscape.

14:00 - 14:40

Panel Discussion

“Driving performance through Advanced Manufacturing: Pathways to Efficiency, Resilient Connectivity, and Net Zero"

In an era where advanced manufacturing technologies are reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of efficiency, resilience, and sustainability, businesses are faced with a transformative opportunity. This panel discussion dives into the strategies, insights, and pathways that lead to enhanced efficiency, resilient supply chains, and a net-zero impact within the manufacturing sector.

This dynamic panel session will bring together leading experts, visionaries, and thought leaders from across the manufacturing spectrum. They will explore how cutting-edge technologies, data-driven insights, and innovative practices can be harnessed to unlock new levels of performance. From optimising production processes to fostering seamless collaboration across the value chain, the panellists will shed light on the practical steps and visionary thinking required to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Join us as we embark on an enlightening discussion that unveils the potential of advanced manufacturing to revolutionise businesses while contributing to a greener, interconnected, and more efficient global economy.

Speaker Moderator
14:40 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:00

Roundtable Discussion

“Advancing Manufacturing for a Smarter, Greener, and More Connected Future”

The roundtable discussion aims to bring together leaders from various sectors to discuss manufacturing pain points and highlight key regional opportunities and challenges towards manufacturing excellence, and to spur the ecosystem to work more closely together to advance the manufacturing sector and stay globally competitive.

The roundtable discussion will be grouped into the following themes:

Theme 1: Next-Gen Manufacturing Process

This discussion addresses approaches and pain points concerning utilising cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to enhance efficiency, precision, and product customisation in industrial production.

Theme 2: Autonomous Manufacturing

This discussion investigates self-regulating and adaptable production processes, minimising human intervention while optimising productivity.

Theme 3: Resilient Value Chain

This discussion explores the approaches to a consistent flow of goods and services by incorporating adaptable strategies that can withstand disruptions, ensuring business continuity even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Theme 4: Net Zero Manufacturing

This discussion focuses on eliminating or offsetting the same amount of carbon emissions produced during the manufacturing process, contributing to environmental sustainability, and mitigating the impact of industrial activities on climate change.

16:00 - 16:50

Roundtable Sharing

16:50 - 17:00

Closing Remarks

17:00 - 18:00